A little about myself

I’ve been investing since June 2009. I am not a professional investor and most of my knowledge comes from my experiences since that time. By profession I am an IT technician at a local university in Central Pa. I also am an avid astrophotographer. Neither of these have anything to do with finance or investing of course.

More to the point, besides my experiences (some of which were a bit painful at first) I have read a number of investment books and I’ll mention them shortly. I have read some of the Jim Cramer books which are good for general advice as well as the basic strategies of investing. He hammers home the homework element which all investors should do. In addition I’ve read Toni Turner’s Beginner’s Guide to Short Term Investing and William O’Neil’s How to Make Money in Stocks. That and 4 years of experience is what I have so caveat emptor if you will.

I’m going to stop here with intros and simply finish with the general warning that should you find my suggestions and posts interesting enough to try some of my techniques and copy my methods, you do so at your own risk. The money you invest and move through the markets is your responsibility. Sometimes the best strategies go wrong. Even when all is done to perfection something, a natural disaster like Katrina or Fukishima, some hidden scandal like Madoff or Enron, or some political wrangling that comes out of Washington, Europe, or China causes a correction. Consider me one of a million sources and take what I say with a large grain of salt. Thanks.

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